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This is the website of John McLaine, of Launceston Tasmania.

You can expect to find content about Tasmanian packrafting and other wilderness adventures.

I’ve been honoured to have been given the responsibility of caring for the American Packrafting Association Golden Paddle Award for the last year. During this time I’ve felt more motivated than ever to continue nurturing and encouraging packrafting as a sport and as a pathway towards conservation of wilderness in Tasmania and around the world. I look forward optimistically to another 35 years in this amazing all-round wilderness travel pursuit. I thank President Brad Meiklejohn and the Executive Committee of the APA for entrusting me with the Golden Paddle, and with great pleasure I now pass it on with a new Huon Pine base to the worthy 2015 recipient, Willem Vandoorne of Belgium. Congratulations Willem!

John McLaine, February 2016

  1. Hi John…..Im investigating doing a trip down the Murchison…going in via lake Marion. Would love to have a chat if thats possible……cheers Steve Hilliard

    • Hello Stephen, sorry I haven’t replied sooner. WordPress hasn’t been giving me notification of page comments so I haven’t known about them. Not happy with this software, wish I’d chosen another platform. Please try contacting me again if still relevant. Cheers, John

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